UCloud:Tracking localization of assets in different rooms

About UCloud

UCloud is a neutral, security of cloud computing service platform, adhere to the neutral, not involved in the customer business. Company independent research and development the IaaS, PaaS, circulation of big data platform, AI service platform and a series of cloud computing products, and thorough understanding of the Internet, the traditional enterprise in different scenarios of business requirements, provide public cloud, private cloud, a hybrid cloud, proprietary cloud, comprehensive industry solutions.

Problem:Cross-regional asset allocations

UCloud in terms of assets safety control, as well as other cloud platforms, also has the ineffable sorrow, U type of lease room one assets across regions allocate management is the most headaches.

UCloud in the data center development at the same time, also through similar lease Dr Peng data center service area of the room, for the relevant regional users with higher performance, faster and safer cloud services.

Get rental cost-effective, for U asset tracking monitoring, is plagued by cloud platform operations teams, they need to precise tracking of the flow of the different room server, the location of the real-time control assets and safety, and the recording of information changes, etc.

Solution: assets have a electronic identity card

For rent room of liquidity and regulation problem of cloud, UCloud operations teams using the latest Internet technology, launched a series of innovative applications.

In asset tracking and locating, UCloud in Dr Peng rental room, data center, by the people of the world’s leading digital U an asset management system, using the correlation between asset module and electronic tag, give each assets an electronic id card, so as to realize assets frequently transfers the function of tracking, positioning, automate asset inventory and safety warning, make asset operational business more orderly and more relaxed, more accurate.

In addition, the use of asset management platform, operations staff can U visualization management resources, improve space utilization rate of resources, cost savings, improve the return on investment.



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