Digitalor Was Honored With 2019 Data Center Scientific Achievement Award

15 October,2019, CECS announced the 2019 data center of science and technology achievement award winners. Digitalor Company with industry-leading “data center U-level digital assets and capacity monitoring technology” and the wonderful reply, get consistent affirmative, expert judges awarded the 2019 “data center progress prize in science and technology achievement award”.

The selection of rigorous, fairness and justice. Eligible unit independent participation, the selection work through the form of review, the review of the working party, the examination and approval of the expert group review, review committee and a series of rigorous program. The award winners are all Chinese authority in the field of professional technology company.


To encourage and reward the data center of advanced science and technology, to promote China’s independent research and development of technological innovation, promote scientific and technological progress in the engineering construction field, for the advanced science and technology and in the center of the data field data center industry units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions, approved by the ministry of science and technology national science and technology awards office (rewards number: 0274), China engineering construction standardization association organizations to carry out the scientific and technological achievement award “in 2019, data center” of the work.



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