DCD>Awards APAC 2019 Shortlist Announced

15 August, 2019, Global leading IT service DCD summit in Sydney released “DCD > Awards APAC 2019” Shortlist Announced. Digitalor with China telecom Shanghai jointly submitted by “Shanghai tower cloud data center U-level assets digital control project”, the successful candidates Data Center Operations Team of the Year.

As the “Oscar award” in the field of data center infrastructure, DCD awards competition is fierce. The award to the data center industry of originality, creativity, leading to worldwide recognition performance, high gold content, international influence is big, subdivision of industry has had a profound impact on the development of the market and technology trends.

As the first shortlisted DCD>Awards APAC 2019,U-level asset digital control project is the Data Center infrastructure landmark events in the field of operations management. It means the technology and product will be to inject new infrastructure operations of market forces,and bring new value for industry, provides reference for project construction experience.

The shortlisted for the project, with the help of the Digitalor Company industry leading U-level asset digital control technology, has realized the U-level assets of digital management and optimization of spatial resources, reduce the risk and cost of asset operations management, to the cloud data center of intelligent and unmanned operations took an important step.

Digitalor CEO James Liu said,Won the title, in the global data center industry rapid development today, U-level digital controlled assets market will have a better future.




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