Innovation & Beyond, Digitalor Attended DCD > SAN Francisco Summit

July 11-12, USA, The DCD > San Francisco Summit focusing on infrastructure management in the Global Data Center was held at Marriott Marquis Hotel. Digitalor exhibited U-level assets digital control products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights, which were recognized by experts from Google, Facebook, GE, ABB, Siemens and other well-known companies.

DCD > San Francisco Summit

More than 800 industry elites attended the summit. Experts believed that digital asset management and control is the trend of current data center development. In addition to precise positioning, asset inventory and other basic functional applications, digitalor’s brand-new U-position assets digital management products and solutions have also brought more unparalleled innovative experience to global users.

Experts thumb up digital products

Accurate temperature and humidity monitoring

Environmental protection and energy saving is an urgent industry problem to be solved in the infrastructure of data center. How to quickly locate the location of high energy consumption equipment and take effective measures to cool down the equipment is our masterpiece of temperature and humidity monitoring products.

Experts are consulting about the functions of digitalor’s products

On each sensor module with temperature accuracy up to (+0.5 C), the display lamp will display a specific color at different temperatures, so that managers no longer need to look at the report data on the platform, and directly judge the temperature of six points in the cabinet from the color of the lamp. This can prevent the high temperature from affecting the performance of server in cabinet, avoid server downtime, restart etc., So as to reduce the energy consumption of the whole room, reduce the value of PUE, and improve the availability of the system.

Safety Management and Efficiency Improvement of Cabinet

Huge expenditure is inevitable for the construction of each data center, excluding the cost of civil construction. On average, the cost of each cabinet is about 100,000 yuan. Without a mature and safe operation mechanism, it is impossible to maximize the value of cabinet space.

Combining with the sample of thousands of user pain points, we first put forward a set of industry-leading, safe and efficient operation mechanism.

Firstly, for the information security of U-level devices, digitalor ensures that data is not read through encryption algorithm. Secondly, aiming at the physical security of assets and equipment, the system will push alarm information to the background in real time to remind users of the security status of equipment. Finally, in the aspect of cabinet door switch, users can monitor the switch status of cabinet door in real time by equipping door magnetic sensor, and refuse unauthorized personnel to operate cabinet door switch.

In terms of space utilization, through the operating system, users can view the U-level utilization of each cabinet in real time, and reserve U-level for new equipment, which greatly improves the space utilization and management efficiency of cabinets.

Mini U-level Monitoring Host

How to design and install U-level asset digital control products in limited cabinet space is related to the convenience and aesthetic effect of cabinet maintenance.

U-level Asset Digital Control Products and Solutions

Digitalor have 20 years of product development, production, installation, maintenance experience, and adhere to the long-term investment and accumulation of Engineering technology. In the design of asset control module and U-level monitoring host, engineers fully consider the convenience of user installation and use, and simplify the complex installation steps to only one person to complete product splicing and pasting.

The mini-U-level monitor mainframe is made of metal structure. Its body is compact, beautiful and easy to install. It supports a series of service functions such as digital management and control of U-bit assets, temperature and humidity monitoring of micro-environment, and door and door switch monitoring. It surpasses the level of the industry in design and function.

The Summit is a grand parade of infrastructure product solutions for global data centers. Digitalor with other experts, has shared many forward-looking perspectives and innovative strategic thinking for the development of the industry. If you are interested in U-level asset digital control products and solutions, please contact us.




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