Digitalor issued financial industry innovative solutions

25 June 2019,In the 10th DCD > Shanghai international summit,Digitalor issued financial industry innovative solutions,for data center racks and assets of the digital management of new options.

It is released for the first time in view of the financial industry rack and asset management solution. The scheme adopts the world’s leading IoT patent technology, to help users realize the digital transformation of operational management, improved the safety of the assets control ability and the cabinet space utilization ratio, and upgrade the existing standardization management process, reduce the cost of the management difficulty and long running.

Compared with the ordinary U-level asset management solution, it in terms of asset security controls for the reinforcement and innovation:

1)Real-time monitoring of the physical equipment safety, and display cabinet door switch state, protect the cabinet door cannot switch at will by others;

2)Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity changes within the cabinet, avoid high temperature, high humidity to the server, cable and other equipment damage;

3)Through real-time intelligent screen display cabinet in the number of assets, deployment of U-level assets, and the change of temperature and humidity data, etc.

On the spot of the meeting, to the user equipment localization, data cannot be 100% accurate; Assets security management is not fine, real-time performance, risk control is difficult; Assets control manpower, operational cost is high, the efficiency is low; Existing asset management product failure rate is high, the chip security can’t guarantee; etc. The new scheme can be solved. For example, With MC-RFID technology, realizes the electronic tag and asset module data read 100% accurate, won the audience and the professional high praise.

Digital CEO James Liu said, Think globally, BlackRock, UBS’s top financial institutions, all of IT assets in the center of the building data digital control scheme, In China, BANK OF CHINA, SSCC, GF SECURITIES, CHINA MOBILE, CHINA TELECOM, CHINA SOUTHERN POWER GRID, etc. also speed up the digital transformation of operations management, Digitalor issued financial industry innovative solutions, We are looking forward to more users and professionals, hand in hand together to explore cutting-edge technology in the field of data center infrastructure, to create the future of U-level asset management market together.

The summit held in the center of the China’s tallest building in Shanghai, has attracted more than 1600 domestic and international data center professionals. Digitalor assets as a focus on data center digital control suppliers, display products and solutions are in the industry leading position, the partner & industry users all over China and the United States, Canada, Britain, Brazil, India, Singapore and other countries.



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