Digitalor released 5th generation U-level products

April 9, 2019 New York time, In DCD New York 2019 exhibition site, Digitalor released U- level 5th generation U an asset management series – B5 version, P5 version, D5 version. Including new assets control module, intelligent service host and Digitalor DMaaS 2019.

U-level 5th generation series of new products for new and traditional usage scenarios to improve performance and appearance, In the management of refinement, intelligent operations, security, reliability, power consumption, such as data read way for comprehensive promotion:

Through IoT + AI technology solutions, realize the automation of asset inventory, solve the problem of artificial inventory time-consuming easy to go wrong, make cabinet volume and asset management & operations refinement.

Supporting the Modbus RTU communication protocol, the Modbus TCP protocol, TCP/IP protocol, HTTP protocol, read the data by inventing patent technology(MC-RFID), the performance is more stable and efficient, lower power consumption.

Manage tags, intelligent control module, intelligent service host can achieve 100% controlled independently, with the aid of intelligent service host, the system features a rich, users can be accessed through a Web interface U an asset management system.

Product volume decreased by 34%, more easy to transport and install, suitable for more complex scenarios, 10+ years lifecycle, product maintenance and simple.

For different users and application scenarios, U-level 5th generation series with synergistic authors as the goal, Meet the demand of user’s diversity and complex environment, On the premise of maintain performance and stability of the industry leading, To reduce the cost of the enterprise, brings to the customer the use of real value.

The new version released three: B5,P5,D5. Each edition has the features of rich gradually, applicable to electric power, finance, government, the personalized needs of different user groups.

For example, D5 in intelligent warning (bearing, electric power, illegal removal, etc.) and user-defined functions, Suitable for the use of specific industry requirements.

The importance of data assets increasing, And more and more world top 500 enterprises choose Digitalor’s asset management solution, Will push cabinet space resources and the rapid development of intelligent IT asset management market.



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