Optimize Data Center Cooling with Real-time Asset Tracking

Active operation can reduce risk, but now only very few data centers have proper active operation system and process design. One of the promising practice of active operation is CFD solution. In the past, most data centers deal with cooling issue only after overheat happens. The temperature data comes from the sensors and management port from server. Although the sensor accuracy is quite high, but it is just a data sample of a single point, there are many blind spots where overheat may occur. And management ports like IPMI could only get the temperature of CPU, all other parts are not monitored. Now, our demand of high availability is calling for a more preventive method to avoid overheat.

Now imagine what operators will do if they know there is potential overheat, mostly they will turn up the power of cooling unit. Obviously it’s feasible, but not economic. A well trained operator will say the best solution is optimize the air flow first. CFD software is right for this scenario, but how to build the accurate model is complex, because most data centers do not have accurate asset information. It may take weeks to months to collect the information, it’s impossible to do this in practice.

An exciting news is Digitalor and Future Facilities created a real-time asset tracking with CFD solution, it will bring CFD from simulation to everyday operation. Digitalor’s U-level asset IoT system can feed 100% accurate data to Future Facilities 6SigmaDC, and any asset change will be synchronized to CFD modeling database in real-time. If the change is causing overheat, 6SigmaDC can detect the overheat risk in advance, then operator will know it instantly. This solution help users save 80% cost of using CFD, and improved the accuracy and timeliness.

In the context of data center operator is in shortage, U-level asset IoT system can leverage operational efficiency to the next level, it is becoming a part of data center automation system. U-level asset IoT can provide the fundamental information for planning, IT operation, infrastructure operation and finance, now many DCIM and modular data center company are including U-level system into their solution. The cooperation between Digitalor and Future Facilities symbols the evolvement of CFD. By this combination, it will reduce the complexity of cooling management, save huge energy cost, provide uncompromised protection for data center.


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